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Jodi Valentin

Jodi Valentin was born in Brooklyn, New York and while she currently lives in Philadelphia, she still views herself as a New Yorker at heart. Since growing up in New York, Jodi attended NYU and played all the cool venues in the lower east side. She now has a mini home studio that she records out of.

Jodi is a pop artist often found singing heartfelt, story-based ballads behind a piano. She’s been fortunate enough to work under the thumb of Roger Waters of Pink Floyd and Nigel Godrich during an internship program at Soundtrack Studios, and worked with producer David Kahne (Paul McCartney, Taking Back Sunday, Tony Bennett, Matisyahu, etc.) on her 2015 single, “The Radio”. Fortunately, she also sat beside Maggie Rogers at NYU Clive Davis, where they’d critique each other’s songwriting. Additional classmates include Emily Warren, Phoebe Ryan, and Fletcher.

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Jodi Valentin

In preparation for her upcoming EP, Jodi released her new single, “Hindsight,” which she wrote with her friend, Jamison Fox. This acoustic pop song draws influences from artists such as Kacey
Musgraves, Taylor Swift, and Lennon Stella. The song contains lyrics that are honest, real and relatable to many. This song gives the encouragement to continue pushing through the tough times to find the best version of oneself.

Give “Hindsight” a listen, available on Spotify and all other streaming services.

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