Studio Preparation and Pointers

The following Studio Preparation guide is designed to make the best of your studio experience. We want you to have fun and have a pleasant experience, this guide will help you achieve the best results.

WWR Studio Prep Guide (30912 downloads )

We enjoy recording artists and creating a welcoming and chill experience. You will not be judged, criticized or pressured during your session. We also want you to learn the process so we will explain the process when you arrive and explain each step as we do it.

When you are planning to come in to our recording studio, the following guidelines will ensure that you, your instrument, our studio, our Engineer and other production staff are ready to make your experience the best.

General Pointers

  • No cell phones can be used in the studio – they cause electrical noise. If you need notes, sheet music or lyrics print them out. Print in a large font so they are easy to read but keep them to two pages so they fit on a music stand.
  • Please bring a self sealing water bottle, we do not allow food or beverages in the studio. You can bring food and drink to be consumed in the lobby.

If you are a vocalist, the following pointers will help:

  • Print out your lyrics in 14 point font, they need to fit on two 8 1/2x 11 sheets. Add a line space between verses and choruses.
  • Practice recording your song on your cell phone. Do this often and listen back to hone your skills.
  • Rest your voice for 24 hours prior to coming in, no live shows or loud rehearsals the day before your session. Vocal strain is not your friend!
  • Hydration is important – drink lots of water the day before.
  • Vocal exercises leading up to the session are recommended.
  • Vocal warmup once you arrive is important, we will have you run through the song once or twice to warm up.
  • If you are sick, it happens so please reschedule your appointment.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes that won’t creak, click or pop.

If you are a guitarist, the following pointers will help:

  • Bring printed sheet music, even just notes with the the key and chord progressions help. Remember cell phones must be turned off in the studio!
  • Put new strings on your guitar if they are old (guitar strings are old after one month. Bring extra strings, two packs.
  • If you are bringing an acoustic guitar and it has an active pickup, please replace the battery and bring a spare. (we record that signal as a backup)
  • Make sure the fret action has no string buzz. If you guitar sounds bad our microphones will make it accentuate the issue.
  • Keep your guitar at room temperature, avoid keeping the guitar in a cold or hot car. If it is humid out, keep the guitar in air conditioned spaces.
  • Practice tuning your guitar, we recommend a clip on tuner for acoustic guitars.
  • Don’t forget the guitar strap!

Electric Guitarists, the following pointers will help:

  • Electrics can “go direct” and we can add a premium amp plugin.
  • If you are bringing an amp, make sure it works and you have the power cord, foot switch and cables, etc.
  • Don’t forget the guitar strap!

Bass Guitarists, the following pointers might help:

  • Acoustic bass (upright) will be recorded using microphones. If you have a pickup and pre-amp please make sure it has a fresh battery and working.
  • Make sure your electric bass is noise free, connector and pots are good.
  • No need to bring an amp, you can go direct and we have great amp plugins
  • If your strings are more than 5 years old it might be time… hahaha
  • Don’t forget the guitar strap!

If you are a keyboardist, the following pointers will help:

  • We have a Nord Grand Piano, it is in perfect condition. You are welcome to use it. It sounds amazing.
  • We have a Mini Midi keyboard controller you are welcome to use.
  • If you are bringing a synth. we will record the stereo analog audio and the Midi from the keyboard. Please let us know the make and model prior to your session.
  • We have two bench seats and a folding keyboard stand, please leave your gear in the car and only bring them in if ours are not suitable.

Finally, the following pointers might help:

  • Family and friends? Not a good idea. recording in a studio is work and we don’t typically bring our families to work. We don’t mind +1 so be mindful of their presence and impact in the studio.
  • No drugs or alcohol allowed.
  • No smoking on the premises.
  • We recommend breathing exercises to relax. Breath in deep through your nose, breath out through your mouth. It works!

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