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Acting as your publisher, Winding Way Music Publishing (a division of Winding Way Records, LLC.) may help you secure your Performance Rights royalties, Mechanical Rights royalties, Master and Synchronization contracts and sheet music proceeds.  Order publishing services here.

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Winding Way Music Publishing entered into a 5 Year Publisher Affiliation Agreement with Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI).  BMI is one of the largest Performance Rights Organizations (PRO) and by having this agreement in place, Winding Way Records, LLC and its artists shall have their rights and royalties income secured on their Music Works.

As your publisher,  we register your music works with the Copyright office, register you at the leading Performance Rights Organization (PRO) such as  BMI, and help make sure your royalties are tracked correctly.  Our goal is to help you maintain your publishing rights so our publishing agreement percentage split is very small.  Our percentage will be enough to cover administrative costs and to give us the right to administer your registrations but we will not seek more than a few percent in these deals.  As your Advocate, we will advise against a traditional publishing deal where you sign over 100% of your rights

Your Music Works are valuable, especially if placed.  As your Sync Rep and Publisher, we help you by facilitating the licensing of your music by sharing with industry professionals and then by granting Master & Synchronization License(s) to radio, television, video streaming and motion picture studios for their right to synchronize your music master to their production.

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