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In 2020, we signed 15 artists and are continuing the momentum moving into the new year. We are proud to support 26 talented artists and counting!

Emmy Law Signed

Winding Way Records is excited to announce that we’ve added Emmy Law to our sync roster. Emmy is an indie pop singer-songwriter living in Atlanta, Georgia. She has performed in some of the city’s top venues, won the John Jarrard Foundation songwriting contest and opened onstage for some of Nashville’s renowned songwriters.

Emmy Law

Emmy’s song “Goodbye” is the perfect combination of her unique voice, strong song writing, and Americana sensibilities. Emma cites her influences from Sara Bareilles to Copeland and she artfully plays guitar and piano in her blend of folk and pop across the Southeast. “Goodbye” is a light-hearted and longing, fitting for a bittersweet goodbye or a new beginning and It’s a perfect addition to your fall acoustic playlist.

Grocer Signed

We are happy to announce that Grocer has signed a Sync-Rep Contract with Winding Way Records. Grocer is a Philly based Indie Rock band comprised of four career musicians, Nick Rahn, Danielle Lovier, Cody Nelson, and Emily Daly, hailing from three different cities. All with backgrounds in other projects, Grocer’s sound finds a space between punk, pop, and rock that reflects Philly’s blue collar, self starter community both in and outside of its music scene.

Overblown, the third single off their first album, highlights Grocer’s ability to combine unique vocals, innovative rhythm section, and strong guitar to make a sound that fits in and stands out on any playlist.

Ella Beyer Signed

Winding Way Records is happy to announce that Ella Beyer has officially signed a record deal with our label. Ella is a 17-year-old singer/ songwriter inspired by experience, emotion, and the art of those who came before her. Citing artists like Carole King, The Beatles, Ingird Michaelson, and Sara Bareilles, Beyer’s music uses smart, relatable lyrics and unforgettable hooks to explore young adult experiences with relevance to both teenagers and adults alike. Expect new music from her this fall!

Free Summer Concert at Willows Park Preserve

Winding Way Records presents, in partnership with the Willows Park Preserve, the second event in our socially distanced outdoor Summer Concert Series. It will be on August 9th at 5:00 pm, and will feature Mia Johnson and The Fractals. The rain date for the event is August 16th. Tickets are free and can be found here. Preregistration is required, as the event is capped at 250 people. Due to limited parking, carpooling is strongly encouraged.

Mia Johnson

Originally from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Mia Johnson has been in Philadelphia making music for over a decade-and-a-half. Mia’s songwriting reflects her interest and love for just about every style of music there is. The sound is rhythmically varied, rich in melody and very-chill-to-really-rockin’ with it’s strongest influences rooted in folk, blues, reggae and of course, rock n’ roll. Check out her website to hear some of her music.

The Fractals – Kevin Hanson (guitar, vocals), Jim Stager (bass, vocals), and Erik Johnson (drums, vocals)

The Fractals are Kevin Hanson (guitar, vocals), Jim Stager (bass, vocals), and Erik Johnson (drums, vocals).   These guys continue to define creative songwriting and performance for the Philly region as  former founding members of Hufffamoose.  Their music is sophisticated, well performed and recorded prime for placement.  Check out their tunes here.

This concert series allows for music to be enjoyed in a safe manner in a time when live entertainment has come to a halt. Spend an evening picnicking with live music at a beautiful and historic outdoor venue. Those of all ages are welcomed to attend this secure and family-friendly series. For more information about the event and others happening throughout the summer, go to the Willows Park Preserve website.

Chris Strei Signed

Winding Way Records is delighted to announce that Chris Strei has joined the label in a sync-rep agreement. Chris Strei is a singer/songwriter whose style has been compared to Chris Stapleton, Tom Petty, Doc Walker, and Tragically Hip. Chris draws on his life experiences for inspiration in his music. With composition influenced by blues, bluegrass, hard rock, and metal, Chris’s songs tell stories with a sense of universal perspective.

Prison Bound Man – Chris Strei

Strei has opened for the Juno nominated band The Trews, as well as folk and pop singer Dayna Manning. In addition to a cross Canada tour, Strei performed at Canadian music week, Hugh’s Room Live, and most recently made his radio debut on Niagara’s Country89. Chris has signed a Sync-Rep Contract with Winding Way for his song Prison Bound Man.

Our New Recording Studio is Open!

We are happy to say that after one year of construction our new in-house recording studio is officially complete! It is open to all of our artists, and anyone who is interested in Winding Way’s fee-for-service resources. Whether it be for voice-over or music, our recording studio is well equipped to handle any needs you may have in the production process.

We now offer professional services including: production, mixing, mastering, photography, videography and more. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us here.

In our studio we have professional recording equipment including a Universal Audio 4-710d preamp, Focusrite Clarett 8PreX, Avid Artist Mix control surface, Yamaha HS8 monitors and subwoofer, Neumann u87, Audio technica 4022 and Mojave MA200 microphones.

We also have a Presonus StudioLive RML16AI, Logic Pro X 16 Ch 96kb 24 bit system, 8 drum mics, four DIs, Shure SM57’s, SM58A’s and SM7b’s vocal mics.

Our US made custom drum kit is a DW Green Maple kit, with 10″, 12″, and 14″ snares, 20″ kick, Meinl 13″ Jazz thin hi-hats, Zildjian 16″ thin crash, Zildjean 20″ ride, Sabian 20″ hand hammered ride, and new Reno Ambassador coated drum heads are all set up for the next session.

Valerie Hartry Signed

We are happy to announce Valarie Hartry has joined Winding Way Records in a Sync-Rep contract. Valarie Hartry is an emerging singer and songwriter originating from Ontario, Canada. Valarie Hartry lives and breathes music as she gets her musical roots from her mother who was in a folk band.

Reverse- Valarie Hartry

The rising artist developed her style and sound by trying all genres and not narrowing her vision. Influenced by the songwriting in folk music, to the flow from rap, and rhythm from jazz, Valarie Hartry has a unique style that will have listeners captivated. With negative past experience in labels and feeling stuck in a box, Valarie decided to rebrand herself to what she is today. The Canadian artist is one to keep an eye on and ear out for as she is set to leave her footprint in the music scene.

Pat G Signed

Winding Way Records is thrilled to have Pat G join the label. Pat G is an international rapper based in Austin, Texas. His vision defines the cliches of the hip-hop scene, and Pat is known for his positive and uplifting attitude. His songs are family-friendly, yet energetic and inspiring.

Broken- Pat G

Pat loves to motivate his audience through his lyrics, and knows how to make his message appealing with a massive flow, echoing the work of artists like Nas, Lupe Fiasco or Lecrae, but with a clean and positive twist. We are so excited to work with him on his Sync-Rep deal.

Follow him everywhere: @iampat_g

Check out his music here:

Jason Murray Signed

We are happy to announce that Jason Murray has joined Winding Way Records in a Sync-Rep deal. Jason Murray is a singer-songwriter living in Boulder, CO. Gravitating towards unusual harmonies and personal lyrics, Murray draws on influences  like Jeff Buckley, Chris Cornell, and Peter Gabriel to create music that is both soothing and in pursuit of a greater purpose.

Jason Murray- Antlers

His song Antlers is emblematic of themes present in his debut album Invisible Warmth, which examines themes like love, loneliness, and personal transformation against the backdrop of environmental awareness.

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