Meet The Fractals

The Fractals are Kevin Hanson (guitar, vocals), Jim Stager (bass, vocals), Erik Johnson (drums, vocals) and Mike Frank (keys, vocals).   These guys continue to define creative songwriting and performance for the Philly region as former founding members of Huffamoose (Interscope Records). 

The Fractals will release their latest single Christopher Walken on Wed, Jun 21, 2023 but you can buy it and have it now here.

The Fractals – Jim Stager (bass, vocals), Erik Johnson (drums, vocals), Mike Frank (Keys) and Kevin Hanson (guitar, vocals)

Kate Dineen – Signed

We are excited to announce that Ireland’s Kate Dineen has signed with Winding Way Records. Kate Dineen grew up in Kerry, a small rural village overlooking Tralee Bay on the south-western coast of Ireland and now she resides in Dublin.

Kate Dineen

Her musical journey started when she was about 5 years old, learning the traditional tin-whistle in primary school. Soon after, Kate began taking piano lessons and at age 14 Kate gave up piano for guitar and started learning her favorite songs, which she cites as a freeing experience. Then, at 16, as a shy teenager, she decided to challenge herself and sign up for vocal lessons and amazingly won a vocal contest within the first year of taking lessons.

Kate joins Winding Way Records as our first artist from Ireland, we are super excited to be Kate’s Artist Advocate both in Ireland and here in the states. We plan to release her next six-song EP as singles so check out her first single Good Guys here. Her first official label release Sorry released Friday, July 1, 2022. Her next release, Invest drops Wednesday, October 5th, 2022.

Meet Candice Long

We are pleased to announce that Candice Long has joined our Sync-Roster. Candice is a talented singer-songwriter from Brisbane, Australia. She has spent her life on the stage performing since the age of 7. Candice grew up absorbing the musical influences of her parents who were both professional entertainers. For years she performed alongside her Dad who made his living writing and performing humble Country music while her love for 70’s music and all things glitter came from watching her glamorous mother perform in Pop Motown bands. With these seemingly opposite influences, Candice is now pursuing her own legacy.

Candice Long

Check out Biscuits and Gravy, this is a Country song that is genuine, heartfelt and moving; it is what got our attention. Candice recorded this song on her mom’s 1970’s road-tested and well-bruised SM58 mic in her bedroom with a blanket draped around her. No Manhattan producers or studios, just her mic, blanket and her enchanting voice!

Meet Valentino Maltos

Winding Way Records is so proud to announce the newest addition to our sync roster, Valentino Maltos!

“Music is my passion, and the saxophone is my voice…creating an original soundtrack from all my life’s experiences, the joy, pain, the love and the loss.” -Valentino Maltos

Valentino Maltos is a multi-Grammy award-winning saxophonist and music producer. His professionalism, work ethic, perfectionism and musical acumen have earned him the admiration and respect of his peers and all who have had the pleasure of working with him. Having been a studio musician for over 20 years, Valentino is often the first person that comes to mind when the top artists and producers in the business need a saxophonist. Fourteen-time Grammy Award-winning producer Gilbert Valasquez spoke of him fondly saying, “Valentino is so easy to work with, his energy and his vibe is really dope, it made the creativity flow the entire session…it was effortless!” His style of playing is expressive and emotive, portraying an elegant vulnerability that sets him apart from his contemporaries. As a producer, Valentino applies his genius to various styles of music, offering a sophisticated approach to multiple genres.

valentino maltos playing saxophone

Valentino’s musical journey began at age 11 when he started playing saxophone in his family’s band, playing clubs and private parties. He attended the University of Northern Colorado to study Jazz performance and moved to Oakland, California after graduating, playing in the local music scene. Valentino’s recording career took off after moving to Texas, where he currently resides. Influenced by Jazz, Hip-hop and R&B, Valentino aims to “capture an analog sound in a digital world using warm synths, vintage electric pianos, turntable samples, and live instrumentation.” In 2014, Valentino joined forces with trumpet player and arranger Lio Saenz III and they formed Fat Stack Horns, quickly gaining the attention of producers and artists with their unique, signature sound and arrangements. Valentino has served up some funky horn on a few of the baddest musical compositions and performances ever played for artists like Erykah Badu, Snoop Dogg, Dave Chapelle, Donnie McClurkin, Calle 13, Kumbia Kings, Frederic Yonnet, Tamala Mann, Fred Hammond, Kim Burrell, Bobby Sparks, DayStar Television, and so many more.

Give “Freshman Boogie” a listen:

Check him out here:

Make sure to check out his website too!

Meet Danny Addison

Danny Addison is Winding Way Record’s newest addition to our sync roster. From a small town in England, Danny was raised in a musical family and later moved to Manchester in 2014. From there, he began to dive into a variety of musical projects as a multi-instrumentalist, honing his skills as a guitarist, bass guitarist, vocalist, and classically trained violinist. Danny describes his sound as a “unique brand of acoustic folk”, evident in his newest single, “Tribe”. This is Danny’s first single from his second EP, which was produced, mixed, and mastered with his brother, Tom Addison. The musical connection between these two brothers is heard in “Tribe” through the incredible production quality and powerful build of strings, drums, and piano. The track is an exploration of how the discovery of oneself conflicts with the brutal and dangerous realities of life. Danny’s lyrics dig at the problems brought by arrogance and egotism and how they interact with one’s sense of purpose. 

Danny Addison (photo Credit @491Filmco)

Beyond “Tribe”, Danny has many other noteworthy achievements, including his acceptance to the English Folk Expo Artist Mentoring Programme as well as plans to perform at the Cambridge Folk Festival, FOCUS Wales, and the Manchester Folk Festival in 2021. Danny’s cinematic and rich instrumentals in “Tribe” showcase his years of experience and collaboration while inviting listeners to reflect on sense of self and the darker sides of human nature. 

Give “Tribe” a listen, available on all streaming services.

Check out Danny Addison here:

Jacob Vanko – Signed

We are excited to announce that Jacob Vanko has signed with Winding Way Records. Growing up in a blue-collar town with a musical family, Vanko was surrounded by creativity and he’s been playing guitar and writing songs ever since he was a kid. Drawing inspiration from Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and John Prine, Vanko came into his own as a songwriter in his 20’s.

Not only did he open for Dwight Yoakam, Bob Lewis, Sister Hazle, and the Mallett Brothers Band, but he performed at the Winter Blues and Jazz Festival, The Neptune Festival, and even headlined at The Big Bluesy Festival.

Vanko is not one to beat around the bush; writing about life’s up and downs, challenges and accomplishments, he is able to connect with his listeners. His music is a combination of traditional blues, folk, country, and bluegrass mixed with grunge and rock. Vanko has a unique sound that is able to attract a large crowd with an even mix of soulful Americana and powerful Rock & Roll.

Meet Bonne Finken

We are excited to announce that Bonne Finken has signed a sync-rep agreement with Winding Way Records. Finken is an award-winning artist whose music has made it to the top 40 charts, and received nominations for ‘Album of the Year’ by Indie Music Digest.

In addition to her success in rock and pop , Bonne received an Emmy® for her original song and score for the documentary “FarmHer”, and has had work featured on various TV shows and commercials (MTV’s The Real World & E!’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians).

Bonne Finken (Photo by Anna Jones)

Bonne is a kick-ass artist in our opinion and some of our favorite tracks are Possibly Impossible and Step Back Baby. Take a listen and please give her a follow here and anywhere you listen to music.

Bonne’s current work melds her rock background with pop sensibilities, and with the help of producer Matt Sepanic (Stone Sour; Slipknot) she creates some of the most accessible rock since Joan Jett.

Check out Bonne here:

Meet Rae Travers

Winding Way records has added Rae Travers, a London-based Folk singer-songwriter in a Sync-Rep deal. Her sound incorporates catchy hooks with Country and Folk inspirations, drawing influence from Phoebe Bridgers, Joan Baez, and Charli Adams. As a child, Rae played piano and eventually taught herself how to play guitar. Rae has previously performed (as Rachael Travers) part of a band but has transitioned to a solo career where she has since received recognition from Nashville News and BBC Radio. Writing music is her primary focus, and she is currently working on her first EP.

Winding Way Records signed Rachael’s single, “Hope” for a sync agreement as it showcases her distinct and hauntingly beautiful vocal abilities. With simple, yet profound lyrics, “Hope” provides a feeling of comfort and peace in these trying times. The track’s songwriting makes it the ideal cinematic song to accompany an emotionally-charged movie or TV scene. Winding Way is adding Rachael to its growing sync library, which covers a range of genres and moods.

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