FAQ – Social Media

Social Media plays a significant role in the life and success of a Singer-Songwriter or band.  Social Media is just one tool of many in getting you and your music in front of people, gaining fans and staying connected to a fan base.

Winding Way Records can help with your social media campaigns but if we don’t sign you we recommend you do the following:

Social Media Campaigns Work Best if you:

  1. Create a Facebook page
  2. Create a Twitter account
  3. Post Often (daily is best)
  4. Use Hashtags (this helps link all social media)
  5. Include interesting and compelling hi-rez images
  6. Always link to your website
  7. Hide the trolls, ban the ugly words
  8. Boost the posts and page

For gigs, Always post:

  1. Ticket sales (hand to hand or online)
  2. In advance, the week, day and the hour before the gig.
  3. The Location (Link to a google place/map)
  4. Time, day of week and the date
  5. Support other artists on the bill (tag them, link to their pages, etc)
  6. Image of venue (you on the stage if you have it)

For Youtube Videos:

  1. Create a Youtube channel (music channel type)
  2. Include a great photo (link to your website)
  3. Include a background image
  4. Include Hashtags on your posts
  5. Videos should have an unusual front end
  6. Engage the viewer – ask them to share “please share now”
  7. Post Weekly (live-like, smartphone grade un-produced)
  8. Post Monthly (produced – some editing and pro-audio)
  9. Post Announcements and News videos
  10. Post originals and covers*

Offer private streams to your fans, Patreon is a good option

* credits must be included

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