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FAQ – Master & Sync Deals

Recorded songs that are placed on radio shows, television programming, documentaries, and movies are called Sync Deals.

A Sync deal covers exclusive or non-exclusive use of the sound recording (Master) that is used in the production of a radio or TV commercial, a TV show, documentary or movie and sets the fee payment. The term Sync comes from the synchronization of music recording with existing audio, video or film.

The producer of the program interested in sync’ing the music will contact the Label or Publisher by sending a “Request for Use”, “Confirmation of Use”, and then offer and execute a License Agreement.  After music is sync’d, and works are released, the artist receives a payment.

Diagram showing the steps of how we pitch your music to different media producers for master and sync deals

A One-Stop shop is where the artist assigns the Master and Publisher Rights to the Label/Publisher for a music works, so they can in-turn license cleared Master works to licensees.

The Label/Publisher licenses the master and synchronization rights for use in Radio programs, TV shows, commercials, and/or movie productions.  The Label and Publisher then receive and provide the Master and Sync licensing fee payment with the Artist.  The Artist may also receive ongoing mechanical royalties for those uses covering the publishing (song composition) or writer’s share.

Winding Way Records, LLC. can serve as your One-Stop Synchronization Representative (Sync Rep) where we pitch your music works to producers of radio, television, and movie producers and then we accept/answer the Request for Use, Confirmation of Use, negotiate the Master & Sync license agreement and ensure the CUE sheets are registered with the PRO.  We in-turn pay the Artist monies from the Sync fee minus approved fees covered under a separate Music Sync Licensing Agreement and Mechanical License Agreement.  The Winding Way – Artist Advocate split is typically 70/30 with no additional expenses Vs. the industry standard 50/50 plus expenses.

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