The following contracts are invitation only by email requests from our office. Once invited, the following contracts may be executed on-line with a digital signature, once executed on-line, you will need print, sign and mail the signature page to finalize the process. The contract is valid after our review and signature on our end.

Sync-Rep Contract Form Here (use this to initiate a contract)

Sync-Rep Contract Schedule A Form Here (use this to add a song)


Q: Is this contract for one song?

A: Yes but we may add additional songs later, we will send you a Schedule A link if we identify another track.

Q: I haven’t registered my songs with a Performing Rights Organization (PRO). Is that something I would need to do now?

A: Yes, we recommend registering all music at time of release.  You need to choose ASCAP or BMI as an artist, once you setup your account, you can register your works.  We prefer BMI but we are affiliated with both as a label.

Q: I may not be interested in having my music used for commercials or as background music for selling products.

A: All Sync offers are discussed with our Artist at the time they are made, we would discuss the proposed use prior to executing a sync deal.

Q: Why are your sync-rep agreements exclusive?

A: Our sync rep contracts are exclusive because of the time and energy that we will invest in an artist or a song. Unlike many of the non-exclusive sync libraries online that have tens of thousands if not even millions of tracks (that will likely never be found by music supervisors) we actually personally pitch songs to music supervisors for specific projects.

Our goal is to have a very very small and exclusive library of just 25-50 songs in very specific genres and moods. We spend resource time internally doing this and have out-of-pocket expenses promoting digitally to generate buzz among industry professionals. All of this cost us money and our time so it’s very difficult to leave the back door wide open and allow a third-party sync rep opportunity to swoop in and take the placement or a music supervisor from contacting our artist directly.


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