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FAQ – Getting Signed – Secrets

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to get signed?

The best way to “get signed” is to be seen during a live performance; our favorite artists sound good not only in recordings but on stage too.  Our A&R reps regularly scout venues in the Philly region and other major cities looking for talent, but feel free to invite us to your show if you are playing in the area and would like us to see you.  We also attend festivals, and accept demos and full EP recordings for consideration. Your can submit your tunes here, or on our Submithub.

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What does it take to get signed?

Talent, hard work, live performances, and consistency are really important but having fun goes a long way. Fans feel the energy you bring and positive energy brings more fans. We look for talented singer-songwriters who are in-love with their craft and enjoy what they do. Its ok to have a down day but picking yourself up on the next is what makes it work. Professionalism is important too, especially showing up, delivering and being reliable helps. Don’t worry, you probably have what it takes, if the time is right it will happen. Don’t worry about being amazing, we look for growth!

About Record Label Contracts – What does it mean to be signed?

Being signed generally means that the artist and record label sign a contract  governing the terms of their relationship.  You can download our Terms Sheet here. Getting signed means you have a partner, it means you will have a professional strategy put into place. It might mean you and the team work even harder but if all goes well the result will be bigger than the sum of the parts.

What are some of the legal agreements used in the music industry?

There are many legal agreements that artists might sign when working with Record Labels or Publishers.  Some of these agreements are:

  • Recording Contract (record contract or record deal) is a legal agreement between the record label and a singer songwriter or band.  This contract facilitates making the record(s) for the label to sell and promote.  The contract forms a partnership that makes the artist exclusive to the label.
  • Work Made for Hire Agreement – This agreement between a session musician and Label for a recorded performance “Sound Recordings”.  The musician is compensated in exchange for the ownership rights under the US Copyright Laws.
  • Artist Manager Agreement – This agreement between the singer-songwriter, musician or band and a Manager sets the terms, expectations and obligations for the manager and artist(s).
  • Sync Rep Agreement – This agreement grants permission to a  Sync Rep to promote music works and to negotiate sync deals on behalf of the artist for use in a Radio show, TV show,commercial, or motion picture.
  • Master and Sync License – These agreements are negotiated and signed by a Sync rep on behalf of the artist to set the terms and payment for the use of the artist’s music in a Radio show, TV show, commercial, or motion picture.
  • Co-writer Agreement – This agreement is used when the lyrics and composition known as “Music Works” is created by more than one signer-songwriter.
  • Producer Agreement – This agreement is between the singer-songwriter and a producer that will help the singer-songwriter produce a music works and sound recording.  The agreement sets the term and compensation to the producer for their contribution to the project.
  • Mechanical License Agreement – This agreement licenses non-exclusive Mechanical rights of the Master Recording to a Label or Publisher so that the recording can be distributed to the public or licensed to a third party as part of a “One -Stop” Master & Sync Deal.
  • Exclusive Mechanical License Agreement – This agreement licenses exclusive Mechanical rights of the Master Recording to a Label or Publisher so that the recording can be distributed to the public or licensed to a third party as part of a “One -Stop” Master & Sync Deal.  This is essentially a retroactive record deal.
  • Merchandising Agreements – These agreements set the terms between the artist, the label, the graphic artists, designers, manufacturers and distributors of merchandise in support of the artist or band.
  • Performance Agreements  – Set the terms, conditions, expectations and compensation with and between the artist(s) and venues such as clubs and larger shows and their promoters.

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