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Welcome to the Winding Way Music Publishing Master & Sync One-Stop Shop.  The following Artists and songs are ready for quick clearance. Please send us a Request for Use or contact our office here or call 610-400-1960 to obtain the sync library password.

Your entry of the password and download of this music constitutes your acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

  1. If you are an radio industry professional, you are free to radio broadcast on air any song or portion of a song recording from the album provided the airplays are reported to BMI under a RMLC License.
  2. If you are an internet radio industry professional, you are free to online radio broadcast/stream any song or portion of a song recording from the album.  Licensing is not required at this time.
  3. For use in Television use, after entering into a Master & Sync license, you agree to log the usage on a cue sheet and report to Performance Rights Organizations (PRO).
  4. You will not share or distribute the audio files to any other person, persons, entity for any other reason unless you have received explicit written approval from Winding Way Records, LLC.
  5. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions stated above, you agree to delete the downloaded files.

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Winding Way PRO Affiliations

  • ASCAP      3603 WINDING WAY MUSIC       IPI: 832378822
  • BMI     WINDING WAY PRO MUSIC                IPI: 831593041

Copyright 2017 – All Music Works and Master Recordings are protected by US Copyright laws – unauthorized use or reproduction without the explicit licensing and written permission by Winding Way Records, LLC and the respective Artist is Strictly prohibited.

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