Sync Rep

One way Winding Way Records can help the artist is to act as their “Sync Rep”.  In this role,  Artists receive Master and Synchronization (Sync) payments from Winding Way Records acting as their Synchronization Representative (Sync Rep) who in turn works with producers of radio, television and movie producers that pay the artist for the exclusive or non-exclusive use of their Music Works and/or Sound Recording that is used in the production of a radio or TV commercial, a TV show, documentary or movie. The term Sync means synchronization of the sound recording with the existing audio, video or film.

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Diagram showing the steps of the sync rep in pitching artists' music to producers.

We are seeking artists and their works to place into the Advertising, Television, Movie,  Radio and Video Gaming industries.  If we believe your songs, compositions, music works and sound recordings are a good fit for this use, we may be willing to enter into a Sync Rep agreement with you and help you get placed.  The industry standard is a 50% commission but that is not fair to the artists;  we are offering this service at a 30% commission during the term of the placement.

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