Digital Downloads

Thank you for purchasing music!

If you purchased a vinyl record, CD or digital download you will be provided a download link.   For vinyl pre-orders you will receive the download link the day before the album is released to the public.

Follow the steps below to download and play the music.

Computer Users

  1. Click the download link
  2. Save the file to your music folder

Album Purchase

  • Downloaded the zip file, save it to a music folder
  • You will need to unzip the folder first, unzip directly to your music folder or once the folder is unzipped, copy the unzipped files to your music folder.
  • Play the music one song at a time by double clicking on it.
  • Import the music into your music player.

Itunes Users

  • Open Itunes
  • Use the music import feature or do the following:
    • Create a playlist, use thee name of the album – artist
    • Open the folder containing the music tracks
    • Select all of the music files using Ctrl-A, copy them all in your file explorer.
    • Drag the files directly into a new playlist or use the FIle, Import tool.



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