Cinema House Live

Winding Way Records Presents Cinema House Live

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Cinema House Live is a series of live music programming focused on cinema houses and independent movie theaters nationwide.  We arrange the musical talent, handle show production and do regional promotion to fill the seats and ensure an enjoyable experience for your patrons.  Our shows bring new audiences to your theater, provide valuable entertainment and complement your existing programming. 

We book shows where selling out your theater is possible!

Picture of a Cinema House Live performance.

Our shows can help your bottom line by generating revenue and opportunity for your theater.  The opportunity comes from bringing music fans into your theater, many for the first time. It also comes from strong ticket sales, concessions and revenue sharing.

If its a good fit, we arrange for craft distiller, brewers and winery partners to supply their craft at the shows to enhance the experience.

If this sounds interesting and you would like to know more, please call us directly at 610-400-1960 or complete the form below.

More contact information can be found here.

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