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FAQ – Mechanical Royalties

Mechanical License schedule

The rates shown are gross rates, net rates after paying administrative fees and expenses may be lower.

  • Digital Downloads, CDs and Vinyl records (not streaming)
    • $0.09 for songs ≤ 5 minutes long
    • $1.75 for songs > 5 minutes long

  • Subscription Based Streaming Services (there are many)
    • Royalty Rates are set by each service
    • Presently less than 0.5 cent per stream!
    • See the list here of current rates
    • Tidal pays the highest rate at the moment
    • Streaming Hits Bonuses (BMI) are paid to top streaming artists

  • Webcaster Streaming Services (non-subscription streaming)
    • Royalty rate is set by the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB)
    • Commercial subscription services in 2016 is $0.0022 per-performance*  (22 cents per 100 plays)
    • Commercial non-subscription services in 2016 is $0.0017 per-performance* (17 cents per 100 plays)
    • Rights owners receive 50% of the net streaming royalties
    • Featured Artists receive 45% of the net streaming royalties
    • Non-Featured Artists receive 5% of the net streaming royalties

* Rates adjusted to reflect the increases or decreases, if any, in the general price level, as measured by the Consumer Price Index applicable to that rate year, as set forth in the regulations adopted by the Judges’ determination.

Disclaimer: The information presented here is without warranty and provided as guidance.  Mechanical Royalties vary constantly and by country.  This is complicated, consult a publishing professional and attorney before producing and publishing any music.

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