Our Vision

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Artist Advocacy

We are musicians too and we want to help change the industry by setting good example, sharing knowledge, developing best practices, helping artists avoid the pitfalls and steer them clear of the sharks. We share information that is helpful and free. Most importantly, we want artists to succeed, we are Artist Advocates!

Make Philadelphia a Music Capital.

We are global but here at Winding Way Records, our team believes that Philadelphia has the potential to be just as influential and successful as the other music capitals in the world and across the States, including Los Angeles, Austin, Nashville, and New York. Philadelphia already has the four pillars of a Music Capital:

  • Artists/Musicians
  • Recording Studios
  • Record Labels/Publishers
  • Music Venues

With this foundation, all we need is to unite our energies and talents with the creatives across the Philadelphia region. Together, we will launch Philadelphia into becoming one of the nation’s most successful capitals for live and recorded music.

We Are on Our Way.

Our vision is to foster a supportive community of like-minded creatives working as a collective to make Philadelphia a major pillar in the music industry. We want to connect the region’s greatest artists, musicians, visionaries, and business and technological professionals who can harness the vast opportunities that Philadelphia provides. Artists from all over the world have signed with Winding Way Records to connect with our network of the best region’s music professionals who continuously work to help us see these goals through.

We Need Your Help.

Music Capitals have three critical success factors:

  • Appreciation of the musical arts from the public.
  • Support for the benefits of music performance by the business community.
  • Deliberate action made by the industry professionals, NGOs and local government to bolster opportunities for music production and performance.

In order to see our vision through, we need all members of the greater Philadelphia region to value the music scene in Philadelphia for all of its social, economic, and cultural benefits. Philadelphia’s launch into becoming a music capital is happening all around us–We need your help to make this unique music scene thrive! Donate here.

Artists Advocates