Our Vision

Make Philadelphia a Music Capital.

The founder of the Label is John Fisher, but the Winding Way Records family includes many professionals in the Philadelphia Region. Everyone here believes we are just as important to the music industry as other Music Capitals like Austin, Los Angeles, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans and New York.

Our vision for the Philadelphia region is not just to be a great place to live and launch a music career (it is already), but to create a supportive community of like-minded artists and professionals who see a bigger opportunity if we work as a collective.


This vision is just the beginning. In all of our partnerships, we work to build a network of the region’s music professionals who can help us see these goals through.  We hope that through our actions others will adopt our vision, and move toward the goal of uniting our energies and talents to make the Philadelphia region a major pillar in music industry – a Music Capital.

What makes a Music Capital?  Music Capitals have three critical success factors:

  • The public’s appreciation of the music arts.
  • The Business community valuing the benefits of music performance and supporting it.
  • Deliberate actions by the industry professionals, NGOs and local government to bolster opportunities for music production and performance.

What are the four pillars of a Music Capital?

  1. Artists/Musicians.
  2. Recording Studios
  3. Record Labels/Publishers
  4. Music Venues

The Philadelphia region has all four pillars of the industry to make it a successful Music Capital – Its happening!

Artists Advocates