The Publisher

Welcome to Winding Way Music.  We are a music publisher focused on helping artists become commercially successful through Artist Advocacy.

Winding Way Music is a division of Winding Way Records, LLC and is redefining the publisher model that in the past was characterized by high fees, expenses and costs that routinely stripped the majority of earnings from the artist.  We are reducing publishing costs, capping expenses, not charging for overhead costs and reducing our percentage in the deal with the goal of yielding better results for the artist.

Diagrams showing the different steps of the publisher and artist (starting with composing and ending with distribution).

As part of our publishing service, we can provide services to help ensure that:

  1. The Author’s copyrights are filed properly.
  2. Work Made for Hire agreements are completed.
  3. Any needed releases are obtained.
  4. Performance Rights Organization (PRO) registrations are filed.
  5. Proper ISRC numbers are assigned.
  6. “Requests for Use” are answered.
  7. Artists have an advocate during licensing negotiations.
  8. Master & Sync licenses properly termed and  granted.
  9. Licensing fees and PRO Royalties are collected.
  10. The artist gets paid.

We are registered Publishers on BMI and ASCAP.

  • Winding Way Pro Music (BMI) IPI 831593041
  • 3603 Winding Way Music (ASCAP) IPI 832378822

The Winding Way – Artist Advocate split is 70/30 with no additional overhead expenses Vs. the typical industry standard 50/50 plus all overhead expenses.  We are focused on partnering with the artist and helping them make a living from their art; we are Artist Advocates.

Artists Advocates