Meet the Team

John Fisher, President

John Fisher, President

John Fisher has 30 years of entrepreneurship experience as founder and operator of an international service firm (Unidec) in the electronics and engineering fields.  His past clients have included AMS-Neve, Bose, Marshall Amps, Mesa Boogie, Soundcraft and Sony Music NYC to name a few.  He brings his experience at strategy, business development, distribution, marketing, social media networking, planning, project management, PR and promotions to the label.

John is  also a musician (drums/percussion), studio and live musician and has worked on many original projects over the years.  He is also a competent sound engineer; has experience in analog and DAW environments and knows his way around the studio.  John handles operations, promotions, strategy, A&R, contracts, software engineering and internal audio engineering and production.

John earned a Masters Degree in Management from The University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School of Business and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.  His undergraduate degree is in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Villanova University.

Brea Morgan, Creative Consultant

Brea Morgan

Brea Morgan is our in-house Creative Consultant who helps with video, photography, promotions and digital publishing.  Brea holds a Bachelor of Science from the Art Institute of Philadelphia in Digital Film and Video Production.  Brea also has certifications in PMP Project Management and Copyrighting

Jill Huentelman, Operations Consultant

Jill has over 20 years of business experience in B2B services, is a successful entrepreneur and strategist.  Jill holds a BA in English from Western Washington University and a MBA from Villanova University.

Ellen Miller, Photography, Videographer and Video Editing

Ellen C. Miller

Ellen is a very talented photographer, videographer video editor and also happens to be a big music fan.  Ellen holds a Bachelors of Science in Professional Communications from Philadelphia University.  Check out Ellen Miller Photography.  Ellen’s work has been featured at WXPN’s The Key and several other prominent media outlets.

Carmella Martonick, Art Director – Consultant

Carmella Martonick, Art Director

Carmella Martonick is our freelance artist, art director and creative.  She is a big fan of the Philadelphia music scene and brings her experience to help make our releases look great.  Check her out here.

James Russ, Art Director Consultant

James brings decades of art design, personal stylist and  photography experience from working in the music, retail and commercial sectors.  He designed Dani Ocean’s Love Won’t Let Me Fail album artwork. James also designed our current Winding Way Records logo – he is super creative and we love is work.

Jamie Kassa , Photography

Jamie is an incredibly talented independent photographer specializing in concert, studio, portraits, headshots, performance, music photography and artistic photography.  We are pleased to work with Jamie on our projects.  See her info here.

Dave DiRentis, Photographer (Dave DiRentis Photography)

Dave is a professional photographer with 15+ years experience shooting portraits, events and is known for his outstanding works capturing performers.  See his work here.


Our interns are young professionals from highly respected educational institutions and programs.  Our interns are here to learn (and teach us), they are knowledgeable and provide valuable energy and support to many of our projects.  We thank all those that joined and acknowledge their outstanding service as Artist Advocates.

Caraline Grim

Caraline is an experienced freelance artist manager and is enrolled in the Drexel University Music Industry program and Business Administration minor. Cara is working on marketing plans, strategy and radio promotion,

Madelyn Van Trieste

We are super happy to have Mady interning with us this year – she has great energy, good sensibilities and a keen eye. Madelyn has been very busy in graphics, photography and videography at Winding Way; she has two film production projects underway and lots of other projects as a Film & Media Arts Major at Temple University.

Intern Alumni

Gabriele Sagherian

Gabe Sagherian was our communications intern, he helped write our artist bio’s, PR and other promotions. Gabe is pursuing a Bachelors degree in Communications from West Chester University. Gabe is currently the Music Director at 91.7 WCUR and staff writer for The Quad (newspaper) and writes album reviews for the CMJ website.

Claire M. Miller

Claire is a vocalist and trumpet player and has worked in hospitality, event promotion and for Live Nation. She is enrolled in the Drexel University Music Industry program and is helped to with our social media management for our artists and show promotion.

Jill McMonagle

Jill is a pianist and guitarist, she is enrolled in the Drexel University Music Industry program with a concentration in Performing Arts. Jill helped us with merchandising and promotions.

Tanner Richardett- Drexel University, Philadelphia

Tanner is a very talented graphic artist, copywriter and publishing admin.  He joined the team in 2018 and is a BS-Music Business candidate at Drexel University’s Westphal College of Media Arts & Design.

James Evans – Drexel University, Philadelphia

James helped with booking and was instrumental in building our GIS databases of terrestrial radio stations and music venues.

Jesse Lall – BA Music Composition – Eastern University, PA

Jesse did our music composition, transcription and sheet music helping to transform our Artist’s music into sheet music for publishing.

Ethan Haughton – Belmont College, Nashville

Ethan worked exclusively on mixing our Artist demos and is currently exploring the many opportunities in the music industry.

Artists Advocates