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FAQ-Music Video Process

Our process for music video production, download here.


The first stage in which the ideas for the music video are created, rights are decided.

  • Style – Is the video a simple lyric video, studio video, lip-sync video, documentary or dramatic.
  • Synopsis  –  short description of music video including the figurative or literal components.
  • Scriptment  – scenes and shots written out with explanatory notes.
  • Treatment  –  description of the story, its mood, and characters.


Arrangements and preparations are made for the shoot, casting and production team, selecting locations or constructing sets if needed.

  • Story board – sketches of the scenes
  • Choreography – all timings and movements of actors and subjects, dance routines etc.
  • Production Style (fixed cameras, steady cams, hand held, booms and aerial shots.
  • Location, time of day , conditions


The raw footage and other elements for the video are recorded during the video shoot.

  • Location scheduling
  • Choice of Cameras and lenses
  • Lighting
  • Shooting video
  • Shooting images


The images, video, sound, and visual effects are edited and combined into a finished product.

  • Cutting scenes
  • Syncing
  • Editing
  • Light balance
  • Effects
  • Credits
  • Review
  • Creation of trailer promos

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