Photo of Erik Johnson, Kevin Hanson, James Stager, and Craig Elkins, taken by Lynn Chaiken.
Erik Johnson, Kevin Hanson, James Stager and Craig Elkins (photo Lynn Chaiken)

Huffamoose features Craig Elkins (vocals, guitar), Kevin Hanson (vocals, guitar), James Stager (bass guitar), and Erik Johnson (drums). 

Huffamoose scored big on their second album We’ve Been Had Again (1997), with their hit song “Wait”, which charted on Billboard’s Modern Rock for six weeks. From there, they toured the US and became a household name, appearing on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and many other television and radio shows.  Since their early success in the ‘90s, Huffamoose has consistently released successful alternative rock albums until 2004. They revived their sound with a long awaited album in 2018, entitled …And That’s When the Golf Ball Hit Me in the Head. (Order now!) Some of the founding members of the band are also working on new projects under the name, The Fractals.

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Live Photos by Ellen Miller

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Album cover of Huffamoose's "and That's When The Golf Ball Hit Me In The Head". Features a dead flower.
…and That’s When The Golf Ball Hit Me In The Head

Huffamoose ...and thats when the golf ball hit me in the head Lyrics

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