Meet Candice Long

We are pleased to announce that Candice Long has joined our Sync-Roster. Candice is a talented singer-songwriter from Brisbane, Australia. She has spent her life on the stage performing since the age of 7. Candice grew up absorbing the musical influences of her parents who were both professional entertainers. For years she performed alongside her Dad who made his living writing and performing humble Country music while her love for 70’s music and all things glitter came from watching her glamorous mother perform in Pop Motown bands. With these seemingly opposite influences, Candice is now pursuing her own legacy.

Candice Long

Check out Biscuits and Gravy, this is a Country song that is genuine, heartfelt and moving; it is what got our attention. Candice recorded this song on her mom’s 1970’s road-tested and well-bruised SM58 mic in her bedroom with a blanket draped around her. No Manhattan producers or studios, just her mic, blanket and her enchanting voice!