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Meet Sofi Bonde

We are so excited to announce that Swedish artist Sofi Bonde has signed as a sync artist!

Sofi was born in Gothenburg Sweden, but moved to Stockholm as a child. Then, she had a chance meeting with Mick Norde which landed her a record deal with Independent Records, she spent a few years in California and NYC and recently has moved back to Stockholm.

Throughout her career with Atlantic Records and Universal Music Sweden she has had song featured in television shows like Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Beverly Hills 90210 , Melrose Place, The Hills, Covert Affairs, and more. She even had a placement in the feature film “When in Rome” starring Kristen Bell.

Sofi is now ready to open a new chapter in her career with Winding Way Records with her new album release Stories seeking sync in film and television.