Streaming Dilemma

Most artists today are releasing their music on streaming services to “get noticed” and “get out there” but It may be very disappointing.  Here is the breakdown of streaming revenue assuming an average net rate of  $0.0013 per stream (typical free streaming rate on Spotify)

That’s 13 cents per 100 streams
$1.30 per thousand streams
$13 per ten-thousand streams
$130 per hundred-thousand streams
$1,300 per million streams

In comparison to downloads, CD and vinyl sales -Assuming the 2017 CRB royalty rate of 9.1 cents per song sold, a ten song EP would guarantee at least $0.91 per permanent download, CD or Vinyl record sold.  This is $910 per thousand, or $9,100 per ten thousand sold.  Returns are higher when artists sell direct to fans at shows and with our distribution network.

Winding Way Records may be able to help you really get noticed and really get out there Vs. giving all your music away for virtually no compensation.  We will work with you strategically to have a better outcome; we are Artist Advocates.

Winding Way Distribution

Winding Way Records to distribute direct to up to 900 independent records stores in the US market.  Our Artist’s music will be made available to over 900 independent record stores throughout the USA.  Of those,  we have identified 100 record store-venues that are a great way to distribute and connect directly with your fan base!

Our direct to consumer eCommerce distribution via our eCommerce store plus iTunes, Amazon Music and Google Play will get your music out there fast!

For promotions and post release we distribute to all streaming majors including Apple Music, Deezer,  Pandora, Spotify, and Tidal plus the MediaNet network.


Winding Way Takes No Publishing Rights

As part of our Artist Advocacy model Winding Way Records will not attempt to take your publishing rights, reduce your royalty rates or do anything else that is underhanded.

We will always advocate for you in  our contracts.  For example, the industry in the past took 100% of the rights, shared net revenues 50/50 but only after trumping up marketing and distribution expenses. In reality these deals mean little or nothing for the artists after deducting the label overhead.  These bad deals meant an Artist typically only received about 5% of the deal.

We are different – we take no copyrights, publishing rights or mechanical rights.  In our deals you maintain your rights and license to us the right to publish and distribute your music.  In exchange we offer a 70/30 split and only expense direct costs to produce, promote and distribute your music.  No first class tickets, no expensive lunches, no unnecessary overhead expenses.  If you don’t benefit we failed in our mission to be Artist Advocates.

In the past the industry contracts reduced the royalties due an artist.  We will not have a Controlled Composition clause or “Cap” in any agreement in attempt to reduce the mechanical royalty rate that an artist is due.  The Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) sets the royalty rate for authors of music (rights owner).  We guarantee that we will not attempt to reduce this rate in any of our agreements.  If someone offers you a record deal that has a “Controlled Composition” clause – walk away.

If we become your publisher,  we help you register your music works with the Copyright office, register you at the leading Performance Rights Organization (PRO) such as  BMI and help make sure your royalties are tracked correctly. Our publishing agreements are split on collections but just to give us the right to Administer your PRO registrations – we will not seek more than a 10 percent of collections in these deals.

Winding Way Records Licensing Covers

Winding Way Records offers cover song clearance services so our Artists can legally produce and release a cover song and make sure the rights owner gets their mechanical licensing fees.  We are offering this service for $125 a song plus the required mechanical license rate per CD/Vinyl/Download sold.  See the current rates here.

In addition to the original rights owner, we can register the new master recording with a Performance Rights Organization (PRO) so you receive your share of the mechanical license royalties on any covers you release.  See the cover song licensing faq here.

Winding Way is now an ASCAP Publisher Affiliate Member

Today, “3603 Winding Way Music” a publishing division of Winding Way Records, LLC. became a registered member of ASCAP.  We are proud to be a member of this organization to help our Artists gain performance royalties from their music.   American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) is the world leader in performance royalties, advocacy and service for songwriters, composers and music publishers.

Winding Way Records, LLC is now a Tunecore publisher

Winding Way Records adds Tunecore Music Publishing administration as an option to secure royalties.  Tunecore helps us distribute music to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, eMusic, Simfy, Deezer, Rhapsody, X-Box Live, MixRadio, MUVE Music, Groove, Kuack, N Music, iHeartRadio, Medianet, vervelife, Tidal, Gracenote, Shazam, 7Digital, Juke, SlackerRadio, Guvera, kkBox, akazoo, anghami, spinlet, Neurotic, Yandex Music, TargetMusic, Claro-Musica, Zvoog, Saavn, 8Tracks, Q.Sic, CÜR, Musicload and Pandora.

Artists Advocates