Press Release – For Immediate Release

When we set out to start a record label, we wanted Winding Way Records to differentiate itself in an industry that traditionally values young over old, single over married and women over mothers in discovering our artists.  Think about all the great talent that gets set to the side and lost when the industry does this.  The power dynamic that is manifested when labels only signed young women, single women, women without children…

Oprah Winfrey said it well on Sunday at the Golden Globe Awards. “Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have” and the #MeToo movement does signify the end of the “Culture broken by brutally powerful men.” Oprah is right on, “Their time is up” and the people who stood by silently and watched men bully and have their way with women need to stand against that behavior – no excuses.  Starting Winding Way Records, we too have met many magnificent women and some pretty phenomenal men that fight hard so women never have to say #MeToo again.

Winding Way Records is working with Evelyn Brown from New York, a recent mom who excels in her professional career and is also an incredible singer-songwriter.  This past weekend we witnessed first-hand what Oprah predicts as women facing “A new day on the horizon.”  Where women can be in a safe workplace, men aren’t pushing themselves on them and all female artists are treated equally as professionals.  During the session, Evelyn perfected her vocal tracks while at times holding her child in arm. She shared this photo with us, and the world to say #NotMe, never. 

John Fisher, President – Winding Way Records, LLC.

Artist Evelyn Brown and Daughter

Here comes Huffamoose – Again!

Erik Johnson, Kevin Hanson, Jim Stager and Craig Elkins (Left to Right)

Big news – Huffamoose,  formerly on Interscope Records are signed and heading back in the studio January 2, 2018 to record their next album on Winding Way Records.

Huffamoose scored big on their debut album (We’ve Been Had Again) with their hit song “Wait” on Interscope Records.  Huffamoose toured the US and became a household name after their appearances on the David Letterman Show and Late Night with Conan O’Brien and many other television and radio shows.

Huffamoose features the original lineup with Craig Elkins,  Kevin Hanson, Erik Johnson  and James Stager.  These guys are great musicians and together they are intoxicating.

We are super excited to hear Huffamoose in 2018!

You Keep Publishing and Mechanical Rights for Life!

Welcome to Winding Way Records – We are focused on Artist Advocacy – We are Artists Advocates

We take no copyrights, publishing rights or mechanical rights.  In our deals you maintain your rights and license to us the right to produce, promote, publish and distribute your music.  We make sure that you have your copyrights filed, your PRO registrations and Nielsen Soundscan setup. We send your music to radio stations, do press releases and promotion.  We promote your music on social media.  We help market your music to music directors in the television and motion picture industry.  In exchange for our services, we offer a 70/30 split on net profit and only expense direct costs to produce, promote and distribute your music – no administrative overhead!

Download the Terms Sheet here


Record Deal

  • We fund or co-fund (if you are self-producing) the production of the recording sessions, mixing and mechanical masters.
  • We fund the manufacture of mechanicals (CD’s, vinyl, thumb drives or any new technology we adopt that delivers music product such as Airdrop, Wi-Fi hub POS, etc.).
  • We help with promotional distribution to radio stations, online, social media, etc.
  • We help with crafting copy, graphic art, PR, sending PR to the press, media outlets, etc.
  • You agree to perform shows to help promote your music when it works for you.


  • You receive 70% of net profit on all music and merch sales.
  • We provide you CDs, vinyl, and merch that we create and manufacture for your shows.
  • You grant us exclusive license for an initial term of 2 years to do the following on our behalf:
    • Manufacture (CD’s and vinyl when appropriate), merchandise and to market, promote, distribute the same.
    • Distribution to our network of up to 900 Independent record stores. (Store consignment)
    • Your titles are made available on the Winding Way Records eCommerce site.
    • Digital distribution on all major music permanent download platforms (iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play)
    • Stream your selected music on all major streaming services Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube Music, Microsoft Groove, ClaroMúsica, Saavn


  • We act as your Publishing Administrator (BMI, ASCAP PROs) and our administrative fee is 10%.
  • We provide publishing support and grant limited and/or full Mechanical Licenses to artists that wish to cover your music; You receive the full CRB stat rate. Our administrative fee is 10%.
  • We act as your Sync Rep (Master & Sync Representative), promote your music direct to Music Directors and Producers in the Commercial, Television and Motion Picture industries.
  • As Sync Rep we execute Master & Sync deals with your input and approval with a 70/30% split.


  • We act as your promoter and help you get booked into shows, festivals and manage mini-tours.
  • We actively promote the shows, create press releases, and provide posters, post cards and flyers.
  • We help coordinate press, radio, record store promotions.
  • If we book you a paying show the split is 80/20% but no additional expenses are drawn.
  • We act as your agent/manager when needed and when third party promoters are employed.
  • You are free to book shows at venues that are independently owned/operated and promoted internally.  No fee split.

Disclaimer: terms subject to change for mutual benefit, individual contracts may vary based on conditions and Artist and Label interests.

Streaming Dilemma

Most artists today are releasing their music on streaming services to “get noticed” and “get out there” but It may be very disappointing.  Here is the breakdown of streaming revenue assuming an average net rate of  $0.0013 per stream (typical free streaming rate on Spotify)

That’s 13 cents per 100 streams
$1.30 per thousand streams
$13 per ten-thousand streams
$130 per hundred-thousand streams
$1,300 per million streams

In comparison to downloads, CD and vinyl sales -Assuming the 2017 CRB royalty rate of 9.1 cents per song sold, a ten song EP would guarantee at least $0.91 per permanent download, CD or Vinyl record sold.  This is $910 per thousand, or $9,100 per ten thousand sold.  Returns are higher when artists sell direct to fans at shows and with our distribution network.

Winding Way Records may be able to help you really get noticed and really get out there Vs. giving all your music away for virtually no compensation.  We will work with you strategically to have a better outcome; we are Artist Advocates.

Winding Way Distribution

Winding Way Records to distribute direct to up to 900 independent records stores in the US market.  Our Artist’s music will be made available to over 900 independent record stores throughout the USA.  Of those,  we have identified 100 record store-venues that are a great way to distribute and connect directly with your fan base!

Our direct to consumer eCommerce distribution via our eCommerce store plus iTunes, Amazon Music and Google Play will get your music out there fast!

For promotions and post release we distribute to all streaming majors including Apple Music, Deezer,  Pandora, Spotify, and Tidal plus the MediaNet network.


Artists Advocates