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Maggie Pope – Signed

Maggie Pope (Under The Oak) has signed with Winding Way Records! We love Maggie and are delighted to team-up with her on her first self-titled EP solo release.

Maggie Pope

Feels like home. It’s a theme that comes up every so often in the moments of community and connection that follow a performance by singer-songwriter Maggie Pope.  With a vocal described as having “a purity to it that we rarely hear” (Ear to the Ground Music);  it’s folk music at it’s best – honest and raw, with an air of homespun simplicity.  We are so happy to help Maggie on this journey!

Chris Peace – Signed

Winding Way Records is proud to announce the signing of Chris Peace.  Chris Peace is a talented multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer who has embarked on a collaborative partnership with other stunning vocal artists.  He calls this crafting of song for his artists ‘Songcraft’

Chris Peace Presents Songcraft

Chris Peace Presents Songcraft -His first Songcraft EP is a series of well-crafted singles by Chris  currently featuring Sharon Little; Maggie Pope; Rob Pallet and Margo Cisneros and Christine McAlister.  Look for the singles and more artists to come…

Chris Peace’s first Songcraft single ‘The Worry‘ featuring Sharon Little drops next month on August 17th

Get  ‘The Worry’ here‘Eyes On You’ here and  ‘Lawless’ here


Under the Oak Album Release – Big Sky

The much anticipated debut album, Big Sky,  by Under the Oak is now available on C.D. and Vinyl Pre-Order!

Under the Oak is Adam Monaco and Maggie Pope – a collaboration that produces a refreshing, beautiful and warm sound with rich lyrics that evokes stirring emotion when heard. The Big Sky LP  features Chris Peace (Bass, Guitar and Keys), Peter Oswald (Cello) and from Damn Tall Buildings‘ Jordan Alleman (Banjo) & Avery Ballotta (Fiddle), Kate Gipe on backing vocals and Jim Hamilton (Percussion).

You can Pre-order their Big Sky Vinyl LP here! (expected soon)

CD’s are in-stock and ready to ship here.


Celebrate First Day of Spring

Take a listen to Under the Oak’s ‘Take in The Spring’ to help celebrate the first day of spring.

Big Sky is a beautiful and deeply moving album from two independent artists who have spent their life crafting music and song.

Under the Oak is Adam Monaco and Maggie Pope feat.  Chris Peace, Peter Oswald, Jordon Alleman and Avery Ballotta (Damn Tall Buildings). They humbly share their hearts through songs born from the human experience and are inspired by the earth, sea, and sky.

With a sound that draws from the Folk, Americana, and Indie-rock worlds, their music is honest, approachable, and has been described as “compelling… emotionally stirring.”

Vinyl Pre-Order Here

Under The Oak – Wandering Around Single

Wandering Around – the Single

Check out the new single Wandering Around here from Adam & Maggie’s upcoming new album Big Sky

Adam Monaco, Maggie Pope and Producer Chris Peace crafted a sound rich in vocal harmonies, emotional swells, and intimate lyrics that is described as “friendship put to music”.  The Big Sky LP also features contributions from Peter Oswald (Cello) and from Damn Tall Buildings‘ Jordan Alleman (Banjo) & Avery Ballotta (Fiddle), Kate Gipe on backing vocals and Jim Hamilton on percussion.