Recording Studio

Winding Way Records has a professional tracking studio to help artists record a demo and prepare them for time in a professional studio when the project is ready.  When the time comes to produce a professional EP, we can help you select the right recording studio for your project.  See the Philadelphia studio map here.

In our tracking studio – We have professional recording equipment including a Presonus StudioLive RML16AI, Mac Mini, and Logic Pro X 16 Ch 96kb 24 bit system, 8 drum mics, four DIs, Shure SM58A and SM7b vocal mics.

Our US made custom DW drum kit is a Green Maple drum kit and includes 10″, 12″, 14″, 14″ snare, 20″ kick, Meinl 13″ Jazz thin hi hats, Zildjian 16″ thin crash, Zildjean 20″ ride, Sabian 20″ hand hammered ride and new Reno Ambassador coated drum heads are all set up for the next session.

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