Promotion Services – Shows

Original price was: $175.00.Current price is: $150.00.


If you are a planning a live performance, ticket sales are a high priority and every show is an opportunity to build your fan-base and build your artist-brand in a local market.

Our promotional services for live shows include creation of short-form video (from your vids and pics), edited and produced to maximize effectiveness for use on social media (Facebook, Instagram, or others).  We also submit your show information to listings in local event guides, and submit to events in local newsprint.

We create advertising campaigns to reach the right demographic set and geographic area to help ensure your show gets noticed and the right people see it.  We have 6+ years experience in this field and we have reached over 25 million fans in just the past 3 years.  We know marketing, advertising and the promotion process utilizing the best practices in designing an effective ad.

Our ads typically reach 50,000 potential fans in just two weeks, drive fans to ticketing and raise awareness of your name, your music and your show date.

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