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Recording a cover song (any song you did not write) requires that you first obtain a Limited Mechanical License to record and release the recordings under the US Copyright Act 115.   Assuming the song’s author(s), aka rights owners, or their assigns (publishers), are still in existence (+75 years past their death) and the song is not public domain, you will need to secure a Limited Mechanical License prior to recording, distributing and sharing the recording.  Just provide us the Song Title (if known), Author (if known), or the lyrics (if known) at check out in the order notes and we do all the rest!

In this service offering, Winding Way Records will request a voluntary Limited Mechanical License for a fixed number of CDs, vinyl, or permanent downloads from the publisher or Agent in writing, and agree to pay the appropriate license fees upfront.  If you are Distributing your cover song with Winding Way Records, we will secure the Streaming License during Distribution so you can Lawfully release the recorded song.

The process of licensing and registration is complex so we offer this service to simplify the process.  We handle the search, licensing and registration when appropriate.

If you want to know more about the process of obtaining a limited mechanical license, see our FAQ- Cover Songs and Mechanical Rights but don’t worry – we will handle everything!

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