Valarie Hartry

Valarie Hartry is an emerging singer/songwriter from Ontario, Canada. Valarie inherited her musical talents from her mother, who played in a folk band. The rising artist developed her unique style and sound by experimenting with all different genres of music and refusing to narrow her vision.

Influenced by the songwriting of folk music, the flow of rap, and the rhythm of jazz, Valarie Hartry offers a fresh style that has listeners captivated. After overcoming past experiences of labels restricting her artistic freedom, Valarie has reinvented herself into the free-spirited artist she is today. Winding Way Records is excited to advocate for Valerie’s success and support her expansive artistic vision. The Canadian artist is one to keep an eye and an ear out for, as she is sure to leave her footprint on the music industry.

Valarie Hartry posing

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