Under the Oak

Under the Oak is Adam Monaco Chris Peace, and Maggie Pope and Chris Peace that is a collaboration that produces a refreshing, beautiful and warm sound with rich lyrics that stirs emotion when heard.  You can buy their Big Sky LP here!

Vinyl, CDs and Download Here
Maggie Pope – Photo by – Dave DiRentis
Adam Monaco – Photo by – Dave DiRentis
Under the Oak Feat. Chris Peace Photo by Dave DiRentis
Maggie Pope (bottom), Chris Peace (left), Adam Monaco (top) and Executive Producer John Fisher (right). Photo by Dave DiRentis

Big Sky Demo 2017

  • Lyrics, vocals, banjo – Maggie Pope
  • Backing vocals and guitar – Adam Monaco
  • Audio Engineering, Video, Executive Producer – John Fisher
  • Recorded at Winding Way Records, LLC. – Buckingham Studio.
  • Copyright 2017 – All rights reserved – Duplication is strictly prohibited.  Demo – promotional use only.
  • Photos by Dave DiRentis

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