Chris Peace

Chris Peace Presents Songcraft

Chris Peace is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and live performer from the Philadelphia area.  He performs with several bands (Mr. Fuzzy and The Barbarian, Under the Oak) and has now embarked on a songwriting project featuring other vocal artists.

Chris Peace Presents Songcraft -Songcraft  is a series of well-crafted songs by Chris Peace currently featuring Sharron Little; Maggie Pope; Rob Pallet and Margo Cisneros and Christine McAlister.

The Songcraft EP is complete and will be released as singles over the coming months; more artists and more songs are on the way.  The soon to be released Songcraft EP contains music-rich songs that bring out the best of Chris’ featured artists:

  1. The Worry – featuring Sharon Little
  2. Lawless – featuring Maggie Pope
  3. Eyes On You – featuring Rob Pallet and Margo Cisneros
  4. Silver Gun – featuring Christine McAlister
  5. You Are The One – featuring Rob Pallet and Margo Cisneros

Chris Peace’s first Songcraft single ‘The Worry‘ featuring Sharon Little is available everywhere online and right here.

Chris Peace (feat. Sharon Little) ‘The Worry’

Eyes on You (feat. Rob Pallet and Margo Cisneros)

Lawless (feat. Maggie Pope)

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