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Meet Ziv Aizenman

From the Western Galilee of Israel to tribal Africa, the singer-songwriter Ziv Aizenman grew up close to nature. In her rich and vulnerable voice, backed by a tribal choir, Ziv brings authenticity and unique musical fusion in her debut album Love & Lost due to be released in late 2023.

Her songs explore the nature of love in all its forms through different generations and kindred souls. With each song that is released, we discover a new enchanting video clip from the movie that accompanies the album, enhancing Ziv’s connection to the diverse cultures that inspire her. The album was produced together with Roi Avni who also directed and produced the film. “Africa taught me to celebrate grief as well as joy”.

Ziv Aizenman – Barby TLV by Hanna Kogan

Ziv’s first single Ma Le Thula from her Love & Lost LP brings the celebration to life, immersing the listener in a glorious homage to love, grief and joy.