Here comes Huffamoose – Again!

Erik Johnson, Kevin Hanson, Jim Stager and Craig Elkins (Left to Right)

Big news – Huffamoose,  formerly on Interscope Records are signed and heading back in the studio January 2, 2018 to record their next album on Winding Way Records.

Huffamoose scored big on their debut album (We’ve Been Had Again) with their hit song “Wait” on Interscope Records.  Huffamoose toured the US and became a household name after their appearances on the David Letterman Show and Late Night with Conan O’Brien and many other television and radio shows.

Huffamoose features the original lineup with Craig Elkins,  Kevin Hanson, Erik Johnson  and James Stager.  These guys are great musicians and together they are intoxicating.

We are super excited to hear Huffamoose in 2018!