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Valentino Maltos

“Music is my passion, and the saxophone is my voice…creating an original soundtrack from all my life’s experiences, the joy, pain, the love and the loss.” -Valentino Maltos

Valentino Maltos is a multi-Grammy award-winning saxophonist and music producer. His professionalism, work ethic, perfectionism and musical acumen have earned him the admiration and respect of his peers and all who have had the pleasure of working with him. Having been a studio musician for over 20 years, Valentino is often the first person that comes to mind when the top artists and producers in the business need a saxophonist. Fourteen-time Grammy Award-winning producer Gilbert Valasquez spoke of him fondly saying, “Valentino is so easy to work with, his energy and his vibe is really dope, it made the creativity flow the entire session…it was effortless!” His style of playing is expressive and emotive, portraying an elegant vulnerability that sets him apart from his contemporaries. As a producer, Valentino applies his genius to various styles of music, offering a sophisticated approach to multiple genres.

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Valentino’s musical journey began at age 11 when he started playing saxophone in his family’s band, playing clubs and private parties. He attended the University of Northern Colorado to study Jazz performance and moved to Oakland, California after graduating, playing in the local music scene. Valentino’s recording career took off after moving to Texas, where he currently resides. Influenced by Jazz, Hip-hop and R&B, Valentino aims to “capture an analog sound in a digital world using warm synths, vintage electric pianos, turntable samples, and live instrumentation.” In 2014, Valentino joined forces with trumpet player and arranger Lio Saenz III and they formed Fat Stack Horns, quickly gaining the attention of producers and artists with their unique, signature sound and arrangements. Valentino has served up some funky horn on a few of the baddest musical compositions and performances ever played for artists like Erykah Badu, Snoop Dogg, Dave Chapelle, Donnie McClurkin, Calle 13, Kumbia Kings, Frederic Yonnet, Tamala Mann, Fred Hammond, Kim Burrell, Bobby Sparks, DayStar Television, and so many more.

Give “Freshman Boogie” a listen:

All musicians who performed on Freshman Boogie:

Valentino Maltos – Saxophones, Synths

Lio Saenz III – Bass, Guitar

Armando Aussenac – Drums

Chris Villanueva – Piano

Michael Robinson – B3 Organ

Sin Aussenac – Synths, Clav

Produced by Valentino Maltos

Check him out here:

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