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Danny Addison

Danny Addison is Winding Way Record’s newest addition to our sync roster. From a small town in England, Danny was raised in a musical family and later moved to Manchester in 2014. From there, he began to dive into a variety of musical projects as a multi-instrumentalist, honing his skills as a guitarist, bass guitarist, vocalist, and classically trained violinist. Danny describes his sound as a “unique brand of acoustic folk”, evident in his newest single, “Tribe”. This is Danny’s first single from his second EP, which was produced, mixed, and mastered with his brother, Tom Addison. The musical connection between these two brothers is heard in “Tribe” through the incredible production quality and powerful build of strings, drums, and piano. The track is an exploration of how the discovery of oneself conflicts with the brutal and dangerous realities of life. Danny’s lyrics dig at the problems brought by arrogance and egotism and how they interact with one’s sense of purpose. 

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Danny Addison (Photo credit @491filmco)

Beyond “Tribe”, Danny has many other noteworthy achievements, including his acceptance to the English Folk Expo Artist Mentoring Programme as well as plans to perform at the Cambridge Folk Festival, FOCUS Wales, and the Manchester Folk Festival in 2021. Danny’s cinematic and rich instrumentals in “Tribe” showcase his years of experience and collaboration while inviting listeners to reflect on sense of self and the darker sides of human nature. 

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