The Label

Welcome to Winding Way Records, LLC.  We are a new record label interested in preserving artist’s ownership of their art and helping them become commercially successful through Artist Advocacy.

Our record deals are simple.  You keep your recordings (Mechanicals), copyrights, and publishing rights and license to us the right to administrate everything and to help you build a life-long career; so you you earn a living from your craft.  We take none of your rights.  Check the terms sheet here.

Winding Way Records is redefining the “Record Label” model that in the past was characterized by shifting the rights, power and wealth from the artist to the corporation.   We are focused on partnering with the artist and helping them stay in control of their art; we are Artist Advocates.  Download the Terms Sheet here.

Winding Way Records provides the following services either directly or with our industry partners:

In addition to traditional record label, Winding Way PRO Music can provide publishing services for your next project.

In our model (see below) we keep the Artist in the center and then provide services to the Artist to help them attain success with their projects.  We help the Artist define success and then customize the services we can offer around that vision.


Artists Advocates